A Mango-tastic Summer

We can’t imagine a summer without mangoes!

We’re delighted to invite you to our farm a place were the celebration of the glorious tropical fruit, and an exciting experience of the farm life! Meet the community, savor the warm mango air, and truly give back to nature, as you wade across everything mango this season.

With this exhilarating experience, Hanu Reddy Mango Tourism aims to not just promote the King of Fruits, but also encourage the use of healthy, sustainable, and organic farming practices that we laboriously foster in our farms.



A scrumptious meal, with a unique mango spin on the dishes.



Eat and make merry at the 156 ft long communal table.



With interesting stalls and events, your day cannot get better than this!

The Table

Our iconic community table seats 156, and is great for family and corporate events.
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Eat, Play, Mango, Repeat.


See sustainability in action as you traverse acres of mango farm on a bullock cart, or sit down for breakfast at one of the world’s longest table, built from trees felled by the Cyclone Vardah. The family-friendly fun includes pottery and story telling for kids, workshops, and stalls offering food and merchandise, dripping in mango-goodness.


Highlights of TGMF 2019

Straight from the mango lovers

“If I am able to time travel, I would rewind and fast forward the same day of The Great Mango Festival and do it all over again and again. My sincere thanks to the Reddy family for making this once in a lifetime experience possible.”
“The breakfast was delicious, the additional activities were great engaging, and of course the mango picking was a treat.”
“Mango picking was just over the top. We found ourselves losing to nature, kindling the child in us. It was wonderful to see the visitors climb up on each other to become the ladder and pick the mangoes.”

The Farm Story

Did you know that India generates over half the world's mangoes?

With Hanu Reddy Mango Tourism, we hope to give back to the farming community, and bridge the gap between the farmer and the market – both local and global, by putting this glorious fruit on the map. The Great Mango Festival is an opportunity for us to enable a paradigm shift in farming, and ensure that both farmers and ancillary businesses thrive well.

Activities like mango picking, vermi-composting, and ploughing aim to bring back the rich heritage of celebrating nature, and let participants understand the importance of organic and sustainable farming practices.